Hello world! Welcome to The Art of Livin’

Welcome to The Art of Livin!  Over the past few months people have been telling me to put my thoughts and philosophy down on paper.  So the Blog/Site will be my attempt of doing so.  The Art for Livin “A Gentleman’s Guide to The Lost Art of Livin” will discuss my views and opinions and my opinions are neither right or wrong, they are just my opinions.  Throughout my life people have described me as “an old soul”, “born in the wrong time”, even “wake up its the 21st century”.  While people chuckle,  I truly believe that over the years we (our country) have lost its way, we do not hold true the things that have made us great.  I have not accepted this.  I attempt to live my life as I have been taught.  The four greatest influences in my life are (1) My Mother, (2) My Father, (3) Mr Vito “Dutch” Carlucci, and (4) Francis Albert Sinatra.  Over time you will learn of all four. Many of you that know me know that I have NOT changed over the years and I have no plan of doing so in the future.  An old friend of my for nearly 30 years (God that hurts to say I have a friend for 30 years) told me “I met you at 15 and you were listening to Frank Sinatra and you still are, you know they have made music since the 1960s” .  My response was simple “It was the best music then and it still is today” .   So this is my first ever blog post, over time I will be discussing my philosophy on various topics such as (A) Permanent Fashion, (B) My Vices (a) Booze, (b) Smoking, (c ) Gambling, (C ) Entertainment, (a) Music, (b) Movies, (c ) Books,  (D) On being a “Pally”, (E) What it means to be a Gentlemen, (F) and unfortunately a little bit of Politics.  So sit back and enjoy and hopefully many of you will agree with me, because I believe that there are millions out there that miss the “Old Way of Doing Things”  I know I do. I will end today’s post with one of my favorite quotes from Frank Sinatra: