Well folks, here is my first rant!  It took me a couple of weeks, but as you spend more time on this site and blog you will learn I like to rant about things.  So here it goes

What is with men and women Fist Pumping.  I asked someone what is the deal and the response was “so you don’t get germs”.  I had to laugh.  I work in Manhattan and folks just so you know “IT IS A FILTHY PLACE”?  There are germs all around us.  Really protect you from germs????

In my view a Gentleman shakes someone’s hand upon meeting them.  A nice old fashioned firm hand shake.  When I extend my hand lately I say “I am old school, I believe in Hand Shakes not Fist Pumps.  When I was growing up my father taught me that when I meet someone you should look them in the eye say hello and give them a firm hand shake (with the right hand).  That is what I do to this day.

In this modern High Tech world we have become to casual about everything, from clothes, to grooming, and even in the way we greet people.  Look I love the modern conveniences that we have today, but please folks let’s not forget what made us great and the hand shake while might seem trivial it’s not.

Try it go shake someone’s hand most people forget how.  Just go up to someone, look them in the eye, say hello and give them a firm hand shake.  Don’t worry about germs, that is what soap is for, we will get into people who don’t wash their hands soon enough.

Until then “May you Live until 100 and mine be the last voice you here.

Mr. S.