People ask me all the time should a Man wear Cologne?  I don’t understand why you wouldn’t.  A nice fragrance is a perfect finishing touch to you out fit.  For the most part I wear cologne everyday.  It doesn’t matter if I am going to work, out on the town or just going to one of my son’s sporting events I wear it.

For those that want to know, I wear three colognes

  1. CREED – Bois du Portugal – My personal favorite, it is a luxuriously rich, warm and masculine blend inspired by fragrant woods of Portugal – the word “bois” means “woods” in French.
  2. Lagerfeld Classic – When I started wearing this cologne in 1982 it was just called “Lagerfeld”  the joys of getting old.
  3. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb – I just started wearing about a year and half ago and I love it.

Those are what I wear and not necessarily what you should wear.  Cologne like everything else in fashion its personal and you need to find what works for you.  If you decide that you want to try and wear cologne, then go to Bloomingdales and sample.  One very important thing to remember every fragrance smells different on every person.  So just because you might like what a friend has on doesn’t mean it will work for you.  Once you find one that works it becomes like a good friend.

If you are like me and love to shop it can be a lot of fun picking out a fragrance.  I have worn plenty of colognes over the past 35 years or so and some I purchased only once others like Lagerfeld Classic 31 years later and I still wearing it.

How do you know if it smells good?  or if you have too much on? Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you like it on yourself.  So if that is the case watch people around you, they are usually rude and will let you know if you have too much on or if they don’t like it.  Another good way is ask your spouse, significant other or girlfriend.  If they hate it they will let you know.  If they do hate it it just may encourage you to wear it more often.

So go out this holiday season and try some colognes out, you will be glad you did.