On December 12, 1915 at 415 Monroe Street,  Hoboken New Jersey, a woman gave birth to a still born baby. While the mid wife was attending to the mother, the grandmother picked up the baby and put him under ice cold water and the baby sprang to life.

Just think if Grandma didn’t save that child’s life the world would have never had

Francis Albert Sinatra.

What a horrible thought: “a world without Frank”

Thank God she did save him (yes it is a true story) and today we celebrate Frank’s 98th birthday.  I will be doing my celebrating at Patsy’s Restaurant on 56th Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue.

So kick back,  pour yourself a Jack Daniels,  and put on your favorite Sinatra song and give thanks to the VOICE and little ole Grandma that saved it.

May you live to be 100 years old and mine is the last voice you hear.


Mr. S.