Cigar Success – Is it Good or Bad?

Every December I get my copy of Cigar Aficionado Magazine’s annual Top 25 Cigars and I turn to see who is number 1.  Last year 2012, there appeared a name I never heard of “Flor de las Antillas Toro” had the number one spot. I say who? Then I read the details and noticed that (1) it wasn’t Cuban and (2) it was under $7 per Cigar.  So I went upstairs to my computer and ordered a box online.

Two days later my box arrived and I called my Pally Don and told him to meet me on The Roof (That is the Roof at Aretsky’s Patroon) at 5pm for a special smoke.  When he arrived I presented him with the Flor de las Antillas Toro the top Cigar for 2012.  We cut and lit our cigars and were amazed at how great the cigars were.  I gave some cigars to other friends who were amazed as well.

My first box was gone very quickly so I ordered another for both me and Don.  When that box came I heard that the cigar was selling out real fast, so I quickly put another order in.  My friend was correct they were now on back order.  I tried several other sites and visited some stores and they were all on back order.

By being number one on Cigar Aficionado’s list created a run on the cigar.  I waited almost two months for my next box to arrive.  When it did I was very excited, I called Don and we met on the Roof again to smoke.  Much to our disappointment, the cigar did not have the same flavor as the first box, it didn’t burn the same, the ash was darker.  It just wasn’t the same cigar.  Don agreed and said, that the reason is probably that there was such a run on the cigar that the manufacturer couldn’t keep up and the quality dropped in order to meet the demand.  It was the last box of Flor de las Antillas, I ever purchased and went back to my Padron’ 1964 Anniversary (Natural).

Yesterday, I received my copy of Cigar Aficionado 2013 Top 25 issue and I am sad to report that the Flor de las Antillas didn’t make the Top 25.  Last year it was number one and now not on the list.  It’s sad success ruined a great cigar.  So who made number one this year Montecristo #2 (#5 on my top 10 list) .  I have no concern that there will be a decline in the Monte #2 for two reasons (1) it has been argued by many as the Best Cigar Ever for the 25 years I have been smoking cigars and (2) it cost about 21 Pounds per cigar so the casual cigar smoker  isn’t running out to by some boxes (3) it is from Cuba and cannot be legally sold in the United States.

However I am very concerned about the #2 cigar on the list, the Aging Room Quattro F55 Concerto.  Don introduced me to this cigar over the summer and it was wonderful.  The cigar is from the Dominican Republic (Filler, Binder, & Wrapper) and goes retail for under $9.  I am just afraid that this fine cigar will suffer the same fate as 2012 Best Cigar.  I will keep my finger crossed.

In the meantime remember “LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO SMOKE CHEAP CIGARS”