Julianne (Ja Ja) Skutnik b. 1-5-1928 d. 1-6-2013

On Monday January 6th, my aunt Ja Ja passed away one day after turning 85.  Naturally my family was sad and the last real family connection to Germany was gone.  My mother spoke to her sister everyday and her daily routine will never be the same.  However today’s post is not meant to be a sad one, its meant to remember a special woman in my life.  I remember the summers of my childhood when she would visit us from Nurnberg or when we would visit her.  I remember her taking me on the trolly’s around Nurnberg and the walks we had to the castle.  In recents years I spoke to her about once a month and the last time we spoke we talked about my last trip to Nurnberg where we would stroll to the old streets.  It was awesome.  Now she is gone and all I have is the memories.  One memory is I was about 4 and I couldn’t pronounce her name and I just called her Ja Ja.  In October of that year my mother,  Tanzie , and I went to my Grandfathers birthday and when I got there and saw my aunt I could say her name.  She corrected me and told me call her Ja Ja!  From the time she returned to Germany and for the next 40 years she was known to everyone as Ja Ja!  Here are some photos of another great lady.

I will miss Ja Ja!

IMG_0204 IMG_0219 IMG_0218

that's me with the hat

that’s me with the hat