This week I was attending the Context Summit in Miami (Congratulations to my Pally Mark for pulling off the near impossible).  At night attendees of the conference would head to South Beach and hit “The Clubs”.  Many of you who know me, know that i am not a “Club” person.  However, I decided I’m in Miami so I might as well go.  Naturally there is a line and a very large man with a clip board deciding who can go in or not.  Since I was part of the conference, I could get in.  I stayed inside for about a half hour.  That is all I could take.  First they served my drink in a plastic cup.  Really,  not sure how much that drink cost, but at the Blue Bar inside the Fontainebleu it costs $17.50 for a Jack Daniels.  The price doesn’t bother me so much but there too I was served in a plastic cup.  I am not poolside serve me my drink in a glass.

The we come to what they call the music.  It was loud and all you could hear was the pounding of the bass.  It all sounded the same to me.  I looked at the DJ and it appeared that he was mixing, but it never seemed to change just the constant pounding of the bass.  Just awful!!!

So I went out side to have a cigar with a Pally and they were pumping the music to the deck outside, but at least if I screamed into my Pally’s ear and he did to me would could talk to each other.  After my cigar,  I had a headache from the loud noise, so I hopped in a cab at went home.

During my cab ride, I couldn’t help to think, what in the world to people like these places.  They are loud, over priced and the MUSIC SUCKS!  Then I thought maybe its just that I am old and that may be true.  I am old, however those places suck.  Yet these Clubs have taken over,  Las Vegas, Miami, and New York have tons of them and people stand hours on line to get in to listen to loud noise and pay $1,000 for a $30 bottle of booze.

I just don’t get it.  Call me old, call me a nerd, but please don’t call me to go to one of these dumps.  Give me some live Jazz, my Jack Daniels in a glass and good conversation with normal people and I am happy.