The Oscars – Review

I truly enjoyed another awards show season.  Sundday was no exception, I thought it was a great day.  Let’s hear it for June Squibb 85 years old God Bless her.  What is up with Liza Minnelli & Kim Novak? They should not make  public appearances anymore.   The only thing worse than Liza was the way Kelly and Ross reacted to her when she showed up.  Here are some of my Highlights and Lowlights:


  • In Memoriam – it is always my favorite part of the show and Bette Midler was fantastic
  • Jim Carrey – was hilarious
  • The Diamonds – thought the jewelry was great
  • Jared Leto – Acceptance speech, one of the best I ever heard
  •  ABC Red Carpet Coverage – Tyson Beckford a male stylist who seems normal.


  • Ellen – while some stuff was funny overall I don’t find her funny and if she wants to dress and be a man so bad she should just become one.
  • Pink – Judy Garland is turning over in her grave and I think if Liza was well she would of went up on stage and smacked her
  • Kelly & Ross – they are idiots I hate them both
  • Angelina Jolie – Can we all just admit she is an ugly She-devil and cast a spell on Brad Pitt because Jenifer Aniston on her worst day looks better than her on her best
  • U2 & Bona – Lose the shades you Putz.  Can someone just shoot him please

Best Dressed Females:

  1. Kate Hudson – I never expected this to be my number 1, but she looked amazing
  2. Jennifer Lawrence – Shocking she was wearing Dior.  She is a star who doesn’t take herself to seriously, did you see the way she laughed when she fell getting out of the limo
  3. Charlize Theron – still looks great
  4. Jennifer Garner – I love the 20s look
  5. Naomi Watts – Another big surprise for me

Best Dressed Men:

  1. Kevin Spacey – Love the Blue – Two years ago everyone laughed that I said blue was an awesome tux, now everyone is wearing them
  2. Ryan Seacrest –  The guy was put together, but he should have had a black pocket square
  3. Leo – He combs his hair and doesn’t wear a skinny tux
  4. Bradley Cooper – Nice Tux, but he needs to comb his hair
  5. Brad Pitt – He took a shower for the event and put on a nice tux

Okay now for the fun:

Worst Women:

  1. Ellen – she dresses like a man
  2. Sally Hawkins – WTF she stole the curtains from my house
  3. Glen Close – who died
  4. Julia Roberts – I think she forgot she is a movie star
  5. Margot Robbie – She was so hot at the Golden Globes, the hair makeup and dress just very disappointing

Worst Men:

  1. Pharrell Williams – The Guy should have been thrown out.
  2. Michael Strahan – Just God Awful
  3. Will Smith – IT’S THE OSCARS WEAR A TIE
  4. Zac Efron – if his pants were any shorter Pharrell would of worn them
  5. Michael B Jordan – The shoes and what was that on your collar