The GAMBLE you can’t lose

It’s Thursday night in Manhattan and you are bored with the same ole Thursday night hangout.  You want to do something different something exciting. Well I have the solution for you.  Club Macanudo (“Club Mac”) on Thursday!  Many of you know that not only am I humidor holder, but Club Mac is one of my top 10 Restaurants in New York City.  I could talk about the wonderful service, the great food, the booze, and of course the ability to smoke a cigar and not be harassed, but I am going to save that for a future post.  Today we are going to talk about Thursday’s at Club Mac where there is a little extra treat.  Every Thursday Club Mac hosts “21 For Fun” with celebrity dealer Tony Busse.  I know you are all saying Dennis come on what could be fun about playing black jack with no money at stake.  I get it I wasn’t a believer either at first, but I am now a convert.  I will not make a claim that playing Black Jack at Club Mac is as good as sitting at the Golden Gate in Vegas, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun.

I have gambled many times for charity or just for fun and I agree it’s boring.  There is no action.  However 21 for Fun is different for three reasons:

  1. You are at Club Mac!  You are drinking and smoking your favorite cigar and nobody is complaining.  When was the last time you went into a casino and didn’t get the looks or comments?
  2. Since there is only one table and the room is smoky you get the feeling that you are in an old speakeasy which is kind of cool.
  3. But the real reason it’s different is Tony, MY DEALER.  From the moment you walk up to the table Tony greets you with a smile.  As a Black Jack Dealer, Tony is fast and accurate.  He gives the players nick names for the players and creates fun bonus rounds.  Tony’s table is the most interactive Black Jack table I have ever been at.  The Reason being Tony.

Still not convinced it’s a lot of fun?  Every Thursday, the player that cashes in the most chips at the end of the night get his/her name entered into a raffle to win a 3 day all inclusive trip to Panama.  A winner is picked every month.  So, if you should be lucky enough you have a 25% or 20% (depends how many Thursday’s) chance to win a free trip, not bad for a no –risk game.

STILL not convinced?  If you don’t know how to play Black Jack, it’s a great place to learn.  If you do know how to play you can do all the stupid things you would never do if you were playing for money.  Go ahead split the 10x, double down on 12 or 8, who cares YOU CAN’T LOSE! I lost a lot at the black jack table in Atlantic City and Las Vegas in 2013, but at Tony’s table I didn’t lose a dime and still had a great time.

Well if you are still not convinced then prove me wrong!  Go to The Club on Thursday and meet Tony. play black jack with him and if you did not enjoy yourself and have fun, then write a comment on the Blog and I will post it.  I will post both good and bad comments.  Because Thursday night at The Club is a GAMBLE YOU CANNOT LOSE!

Thanks Tony you are the Best.   You can reach Tony at or at 877-241-3574.