The Concept Album – Sinatra at his Best

Last week, I went to the 21 Club with two young fine gentlemen who work at my Firm. One of my Partners also joined us. Spending time with these gentlemen gave me some hope that maybe someday the US will be restored and style will be back in the mainstream.  We discussed music and I was surprised at how little they knew about Sinatra’s music. Yes they knew the popular 20 hits that you here at every wedding and block party. So it dawned on me that maybe many of my readers have the same knowledge and I said to myself I need to change that.

During the 1050s while Sinatra was working at Capital Records he came up the idea (Yes it was his idea) of Concept Albums.  He would painfully layout songs and in what order they would be on the album in order to create a “concept” for that album.  What he created along with Nelson Riddle and other arrangers is just about the finest work of music ever recorded.  Here is a list of some of those concept albums.  I would encourage not only getting these albums, but you should listen to them the way Frank intended. Listen to them in the order Frank put them:


Album Name Company Year
A Swingin’ Affair Capital Records 1957
September of My Years Reprise Records 1965
Come Swing with Me Capital Records 1961
Point of No Return Capital Records 1961
Ring – A – Ding Reprise Records 1960
No One Cares Capital Records 1959
Come Dance With Me Capital Records 1958
Only The Lonely Capital Records 1958
Where Are Your Capital Records 1957
Songs for Swingin’ Lovers Capital Records 1955
In The Wee Small Hours Capital Records 1954
Close To You Capital Records 1957
Come Fly With Me Capital Records 1957
Nice and Easy Capital Records 1960
Sinatra’s Swingin’ Session!!! And More Capital Records 1961
Swing Easy/Songs for Young Lovers Capital Records 1954


And let’s not forget “The Rat Pack Live at the Sands” on Reprise Records 1963