I am sure anyone who reads this blog won’t be shocked that I am not a big fan of MTV.  Never was, even when it launched in 1981.  However today is the VMA Awards and my curiosity was raised this year after last years Miley show and I decided I was going to watch the Red Carpet and the Show.  So at around 7pm this evening I went online to find out what channel MTV was on FIOS (I told you I am not a fan) and saw the Red Carpet was starting at 8pm.

I was glad because I was going to able to watch the end of the 1939 Classic “The Roaring 20s” on TCM starring James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart.  When the movie ended I said to myself “Let the Freak Show Begin” and I changed the channel to MTV.  I made until about 9:20 and then I had to shut it off, because I just couldn’t take it anymore.  Now if I wanted to I could write a very long blog posts about the many young women in the music industry who are just outright PIGS!!  That’s right I Said It THEY ARE PIGS!

The boys and girls (I don’t care how old you are if you like them you are a child) that are fans of these PIGS should be ashamed of themselves.  I needed a shower of Judy Garland and Ella Fitzgerald to wash the filth and horrible talent that was on that show.  If anyone really believes that Nikki Minaj is more than just a BIG FAT ASS, then you too are a Big Fat Ass.

As I was watching the show, I turned to my wife and said “YOU KNOW, I AM GLAD I AM NOT YOUNG ANYMORE”

So tonight will be a short post and I will leave you with one of my theme songs by Maurice Chevalier’s hit from the Oscar winning Gigi “I am Glad I am not Young Anymore”