If you read the news the past couple of weeks you have beheading’s, NFL Players beating up the girlfriends or spouse. You hear about Cops getting killed and Cops killing people. Is Obamacare good or bad? Does the President know what he is doing? How could Robin Williams kill himself and how could Joan Rivers have died?

It really does make your head spin. It reminds me of a speech I heard by Bill Clinton, he said “Don’t you just want to get off the world?” I can say yes all that is going on is very overwhelming.

That is why today I am not going to discuss any of it! I am going to talk about something so simple its amazing, the Tie Thing! What the heck is The Tie Thing? Let me start by talking about the problem first. You are getting ready to go a very important meeting, job interview, or even just a special event. You are excited and you’re a nervous about the meeting so you put your best suit on, make sure your shoes are shined and you select the perfect shirt, tie, and pocket square combination. You are ready to kick some ass. As you walk into the meeting you notice that you tie is not hanging straight, so you unbutton your jacket and try to fix it without anyone noticing. What about when you are at Starbucks and you are adding milk and sugar and you bend down and your tie gets in the way.

Well if you are like me this happens all the time. So to fix the problem, I bought some tie bars. Tie bars have to problems (1) they fall off all the time, (2) they put pulls in your ties. Then one day I was looking around on Amazon to find a system to hang my ties (which I did and it is awesome, but we can discuss tie storage another time) I found the Tie Thing.   The Tie Thing is a half-inch wide piece of clothe with two buttonholes as far apart as on the common dress shirt. Simple Stupid Right? Well it is, all you do is button the Tie Thing to one of your shirts buttons, put the Tie Thing through the tie loop on the back of the tie and button the second button to your shirt. Your tie will not move the entire day, problem solved. I have been wearing it for weeks and it is Fantastic!

Now here is the bad news, I can’t find them anywhere. Amazon has what they call they call the Tiedown and Tiealign , but they are made of plastic and I don’t know how good they work. I am going to speak with Mr. Kelly and see if he can make me some and I will offer it to my followers for a small price. The accessory is not expensive and if you are anal about the way you look, this tiny inexpensive accessory will help.