Last weekend we celebrated Memorial Day weekend (the unofficial start of summer) and after this long cold winter we are relieved.   Before I start with my Babbling I just want to thank all those who served in our Military for their service.

Last week the weather got quite warm and I thought it was funny how people were complaining about the heat. Funny they were the same people complaining about the cold. Oh well some people just like complaining.

For me Memorial Day means I can break out my summer suits! In particular my seersuckers, summer hats, and yes my two-toned shoes. I didn’t waste any time to wear mine, Tuesday in fact, the first business day of the summer. As the week went on I started noticing some trends that I really don’t like so I thought I would share them with you:

  1. Suits (or sports jackets with loosened ties). I know it’s hot, but really you can’t keep the tie tight? I was on several rooftops these week, (1) because of the weather and (2) my firm was hosting its annual conference. Several people complained to me and told me to loosen my tie and asked them why and the said “the Heat its too hot to wear a tie.” Really the only thing a loose tie does is make you look like a slob it doesn’t cool you off. It you tie is making you hot you probably have a shirt on that don’t fit you, so buy a bigger shirt.
  2. This brings me to my other pet peeve, a suit or sports jacket with no tie and a collared shirt. What is the purpose of this, it looks sloppy unless you button the top button (then you might as well wear a tie). This has been a new trend over the past several years and frankly I hate it. Tony Bennett was asked why he always wears a suit and tie. His answer “TO BE DIFFERENT”.   So what should you do? Simple if you don’t want to wear a tie then wear a mock silk tee shirt. The mock tee is simple neat and you will be noticed for being a little different. The cost less than a dress shirt and if you are not wearing a tie is looks a lot better and it is acceptable business casual attire. In addition it is a lot cooler in the heat of summer.
  3. Short Slacks, this one I will never get. Slacks (not pants, pants are for kids and slacks are for men) should have a break above the shoe. Either a half break or full break. THEY SHOULD NOT STOP AN INCH OR TWO ABOVE THE SHOE! Pee Wee Herman is not someone you should dress like.   I know what you are going to say “If I don’t wear them like this you can’t see my socks”. Well socks are supposed to be seen and that gets me to number 4.
  4. Stupid colorful socks! Where did this come from I will never know and yes I hate it. Colorful socks have their place and that place is when you wear a seersucker suit or a real light summer suit. They should not be worn everyday and I cannot wait until they are out of style. In a post several months ago I mentioned how I went to a Hugo Boss store and they had more styles of socks then ties. This is just stupid. I know I know it’s the style and to that I say three things (1) Parachute Pants, (2) Bell Bottoms, (3) giant shoulder pads.
  5. Lastly another trend I don’t like is brown or tan shoes with a blue suit. To me it just looks silly. Wear black shoes with Blue it looks better.

As I have stated many times these are my opinions. So you can ask yourself “what the hell do I know” Well if any of you have been out with me will know that everyday I have several strangers approach me to compliment the way I dress and tell me they like my style. So maybe you don’t agree with me and think I am an ass. Maybe that true, but I challenge you to following:

Dress the way you want for one month and see how many times strangers approach you and compliment you on the way you look then dress the way I say to on this Blog for a month. I will bet anyone out there that my way will get you more compliments. Sorry guys it’s not the cost of the clothes it’s the way you style them.