Simply the Most Beautiful Actress of All Time

Simply the Most Beautiful Actress of All Time

August 4, 1962 Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her home. An apparent suicide, but was it? We may never know if it was murder or suicide. If it was suicide was it on purpose or accident? Another question we will never get an answer to. The purpose of this post is not to answer these questions or debate them. The purpose is to honor an I believe was the most beautiful woman that Hollywood ever produced. Over 50 years have passed since that day in August and Marilyn is still an American Icon. The American Film Institute ranks her as the 6th greatest actress of all time and her movie “Some Like It Hot” is listed as the funniest movie of all time. She defined an era and she is still the standard that all actresses’ are measured against and frankly fail. She was smart (yes very smart) she was funny, a good dramatic actress as well. Let’s not forget her unmatched beauty. She defined what sexy is and still does today.

She also suffered from mental illness and she never got the proper treatment for her. Her story is a sad one, she was used and abused by the system and in the end she was alone. I just completed a great book about her called “The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe” by J Randy Taraborrelli and it was great and I highly recommend it.

So what I am asking is that everyone on Tuesday to take a minute and raise a glass to a wonderful woman who is truly an American Icon.

Good bye Norma Jean.