The Death of the Gentleman

This is my first post since Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday.  I have been busy with audit season and just didn’t make time to blog.  However over the past few weeks, I have met several people through the course of my travels and they were asking WHAT HAPPENED? WHY HAVEN’T YOU POSTED ANYTHING IN A WHILE?  Today I was reading the New York Post (which I do every day) and an article jumped out at me and I realized that this silly little blog is actually important.  So I am going to make an effort to post at least weekly because young men out there need to learn how to be a gentleman.

“Pay Me Back Dates cheap-guy app” was the name of the article and it describes an app called Venmo that shares payment options (I really don’t know how it works or do I care). The article explains how men who went on dates with women were sending them Venmo’s to pay a portion of the bill for their date.  My first reaction was “what cheapskates”, but then I started to think “Why blame the guys? Isn’t it really society’s fault that guys (Guys not Gentlemen, because a Gentleman knows) don’t know they are supposed to treat the girl?  For as long as I can remember society and women have been bashing men for being gentlemen.  I have been criticized for opening doors for women, taking my hat off in elevators, and looked at like a nut because I stand when a women gets up from a table.  These were all normal things back in the 50s and 60s, but today they are frowned upon and not viewed as respectful.  It is natural that guys are confused as to how to act because women are inconsistent.  Girls go to clubs today dressed like sluts and wonder why guys stare at them. They get drunk and stoned and wonder why guys try and take advantage of them.  Girls, if you don’t respect yourselves then Guys won’t respect you either.  I have been talking about the Death of the Gentleman on this blog since its inception and while I believe the primary causes are that the young men today have no role models as how to act like a Gentleman and the music of today degrades women, maybe just maybe the death of the lady has played a bigger role in the Death of the Gentleman than I originally thought.  Girls, start acting like ladies and maybe guys will act like gentlemen.