It’s Your World We Just Live In It!

“It’s your World I just live in it” Dean Martin said on the Stage at the Sands Casino in 1963. Today 102 years ago in Hoboken NJ, a child was still born and while the midwife and Doctor were attending to the mother, the Grandmother quickly placed the boy under running cold water and the Boy sprang to Life.

Thus Francis Albert Sinatra began his struggle that lasted 82 years. He will never be forgotten and his music will live forever.

I used the term struggle because his life was a struggle like all of our lives are struggles. He came from modest beginnings and became the greatest entertainer there ever was.  I cannot write all of Frank’s Struggles and Accomplishments because then it would be a book not a blog post.

So I will sum it up as quickly as I can. He broke the rules, he did things the way he wanted to, he put his career at risk for doing what he thought was right, he fought racism and bigotry before it was popular. When told to change his name because it was too Italian he said %$&@ You!!  He was a loyal friend who demanded loyalty in return.  He won Oscars for Acting, Grammys for Singing, he started his own record label (Every musical act today owes thanks to Frank for how he changed the Industry). Hell, he invented popular music.  These and many other reasons are why Frank is an Obsession with me.