The Art of Livin’ is dedicated to educating young (and old) men on the way to conduct yourself as a gentlemen.  The content is the sole opinion of Dennis J. Schall, CPA and what he has learned during his life.  The Art of Livin’ will deal with:

  • Development of Individual Style
  • Permanent Fashion
  • Vices (Booze, Cigars, and Gambling)
  • Entertainment (Music, Movies, TV, and Books)
  • Friendship (What it means to be a “Pally”)
  • Being a Gentlemen
  • and unfortunately a little Politics

The four big influences:

  • My Mother
  • My Father
  • Vito “Dutch” Carlucci
  • Frank Sinatra ( I never met Frank, but his influence on my way of thinking cannot be measured)

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