Many people have been complaining I haven’t made a post in awhile.  Well its true and the simple is reason was  it was Tax Season.  Many of you know that I am a CPA by trade (that’s how I pay my bills) and during January through April I work between 60 hours and 75 hours per week.  Well it is the Month of May now and that is all behind me.  Over the next several months I am going to expose some what I will call fraud’s in the world of Fashion, Cigars, Booze, and Gambling.  What else did you think I would be discussing POLITICS?  I will leave that to the Maroon’s of the world and stick with something important.

On Thursday,  I will be going on a nine day Pilgrimage to the center of my faith:  Las Vegas!  This is my first trip to Las Vegas since starting The Art of Livin and I am a little nervous.  I get nervous because every time I go to Las Vegas the city changes so much and most of those changes are never to my liking.  However there are some exciting things going on in the Holy City (It’s not Sin City to me) in 2014.  First the Old Barbary Coast (that’s what it was called before Bill’s Gaming House) has had a $180 Million upgrade and has opened as the Cromwell.  Drais After Hours (Vegas’ Top After Hours Club for years) is back along with Drais Beachclub on the Roof of the hotel (they stole my idea).  The official opening is Memorial Day weekend, but the casino is open now.  So I am excited to see if they kept true to the soul of Las Vegas or did they destroy it.  I am going to be optimistic.  Another attraction is the High Roller,  the world’s largest Ferris Wheel.  Yes I am going on it and will give a full report.

Lastly,  later this year the Sahara Hotel and Casino will be re-born under the name of SLS Las Vegas.  Hopefully like a Born – Again Christian the SLS will be New and Improved.  While I am disappointed that the Casino will not be called the Sahara, I am optimistic that the new owners did not completely abandon the legacy of one of the greatest casino ever.  Unlike the Venetian who doesn’t even have a plaque or anything noting that the greatest casino the SANDS was located on this spot.  SLS still has photo’s of the old Sahara on their website.  The hotel towers were renovated not imploded.  So when I go back in October, I will walk through the doors of the SLS Casino and remember this is the Sahara.  Again I am being optimistic about the SLS Las Vegas, will be like Caesars Palace Be New and True.

So I apologize to those who have missed my hearing about my view of the world.  When I return I will give you a complete update on the “STATE OF LAS VEGAS”.  I am proud to say our numbers are growing and we are going to continue to grow.  Please like the page on Facebook and tell your friends about the Blog.

Thank you again for all your support.