This site would not be complete without a section dedicated to the Chairman of the Board.  When I was growing up my father was a big  Elvis, Dean Martin and Perry Como fan.  He like Frank, but he was not his favorite.  Elvis was my favorite and I was crushed the day he died.  I don’t remember a time in my life that I wasn’t listening to Elvis, Dean Martin, and Perry Como.  But it wasn’t until 1979 at the age of 13, I went on my first trip Atlantic City NJ.  My best friend Vito was going with his father and new girl friend.  My mom said it was okay.  On that trip in we drove to AC in a 1978 Cadillac Seville and listened to two 8-Tracks.  The Golden Hits of the Drifters and Strangers in the Night by Frank Sinatra.  I couldn’t get enough of the music and my best friends dad Vito Sr aka Dutch told me about Frank Sinatra.  By the end of the trip I forgot all about Elvis Presley.  From that point on Frank was number 1 and no one have ever come close since.  So in this section I will explain why Frank matters and why his was the most extraordinary ordinary life of any American.


  1. HIS LIFE WASN’T PERFECT – Frank like me was born of European immigrants (his from Italy, mine from Germany).  In 1939 he was the singer for the Harry James Band and in the 40s became the most popular male singer in history and became one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.  Then it all came crashing down.  In the late 40s early 50s he had no movie contract Columbia records fired him.  The love of his life left him.  Frank could of quit, most of us would and who would blame him.  But Frank went to Atlantic City NJ to visit his old Pally Paul “Skinny” D’Amato.  Frank performed at Skinny’s 500 Club and the fans loved him.  Before Sinatra left Skinny gave him a Gold Watch to remind him of who he was and when he comes back to Atlantic City he will be bigger than ever.  Frank went back he signed with a small record label Capitol Records and landed the role of Maggio in From Here to Eternity.  The Song Young at Heart was a hit and he won an Oscar and he was BACK and became so big that many people forgot about his career in the 40s which was pretty amazing.  Bottom line is he really did do it His Way.
  2. THE MUSIC – Simply put it is the BEST Music ever made.  I don’t care what situation your life is in there is a Frank Sinatra song for you.   If you are Sad, Happy, In Love, Have a Broken Heart, Reflecting on Your Life, Dancing (Swing or Slow), Being Romantic, It just doesn’t matter Frank has the perfect song for you.  When I am down and feel like the world is closing in all around me I put on some Frank and I feel better
  3. HE DID THINGS HIS WAY – We all know Paul Anka wrote the song My Way for Frank and while the song wasn’t Frank’s favorite, he really did live his life the he wanted to.  Some people measure a man’s wealth by how much money or possessions that he has.  I don’t I measure wealth by the way a man lives his life.  Does he live his life the way others want him to live or the way he wants to live.  Frank Sinatra lived his life the way he wanted to.  From early on by not changing his name like Dino Crocetti (aka Dean Martin) did.  He said I was born Sinatra I will die Sinatra.  He stood by his friends even when it wasn’t popular, he fought racism when it was cool to do so.  He told the Sands in Vegas if Sammy doesn’t stay here I won’t perform here”  Back then Blacks had to stay in a shanty town off the Strip.   Yea he made mistakes, had a bad temper and an ego, but in speaking to people that knew him, you could never have a better Pally.

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