The man’s suit is basically unchanged in the past 100 years.  If you read my section on Permanent Fashion you already know I think that is a good thing.  So since the Suit is so basic how do you spice things up?

With Accessories!

Accessories is what separates a lousy dresser from a good dresser and a good dresser from a great dresser.  So what am I talking about?

The following are a list of accessories that if done correctly will make people notice.  I have broken down accessories into two categories (1) Major and (2) Minor.  The Major accessories are a must have, the Minor accessories are the one’s that really set you apart.


  1. SHOES – I know it seems silly, but selecting the correct shoe is very important.
  2. THE TIE – Always wear one.  Doesn’t matter if its a Neck Tie or a Bow Tie.  The Tie is so important it can change the look of a suit dramatically.
  3. THE POCKET SQUARE – Some will say this is not a major accessory, but just wear one and see how many people compliment you on the way you look.
  4. CUFF LINKS – It is like the American Express Card “NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT” .  Sorry guys you will never be considered a great dresser if you don’t wear Cuff Links


  1. THE HAT – Over the past 15 years (long before Don Draper and Mad Men) I have been sporting a hat.  I don’t feel dressed if I am not wearing my hat.  People tell me all the time that they can’t pull a hat off.  I say it’s nonsense everyone can wear one and look great in it.
  2. BRACES – You may call the suspenders.  DON’T They are Braces!  Braces have buttons and Suspenders clip on to the pants.  Don’t ever wear suspenders.
  3. TIE BAR – Tie bars look great if they are worn properly.  1st Rule – they should be plain and not too fancy 2nd Rule – they should be wore at your nipple not your belly button.
  4. JEWELRY – The only jewelry a gentleman should wear are  Rings (no more than two on one hand) and a Watch!  Period!  Leave the necklaces and bracelets to the ladies guys.
  5. COLLAR BAR – old school you should only wear if you are thin.  I love them but my neck and head are too big so I don’t wear them anymore
  6. TIE TACK – If it made of Diamonds go ahead and put a hole in your tie, if not let the boy scouts wear these.
  7. LAPEL PIN – Some of my very best friends wear them and they a great dressers, but they are not for me



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