Let’s face it Guys, women have much more choices when it comes to fashion accessories then Men.  However men have one unique accessories that women don’t wear and that is the Cuff Link. Yes I know some women do wear cuff links, but that is not the norm.

A fine dressed gentlemen should always wear Cuff Links.  Cuff Links accent the suit and shirt and therefore make you look better (and isn’t that what is all about).  There are so many variety of Cuff Links it may seem impossible to choose,  but this is why dressing is fun.  The options are endless.  I have over 30 pairs of Cuff Links in my case with prices ranging from under $25 to as high as $450 (Yes that is my most expensive pair).  You can find Cuff Links to match you own taste and style.  You can get themed Cuff Links such as Sports, College, Profession, Gaming, Hobbies, Drink & Food, Celebrities, it truly is endless.

All you need is a French Cuff Shirt and some imagination.

Here is a list of types of Cuff Links courtesy of 

Types of Cufflinks
The different kinds of cuff links and how they work.

Bullet Back and Toggle ClosuresThe bullet back and toggle backings are the easiest to put on and are the most common. The backing is in the shape of a bullet suspended between two posts. The bullet can be flipped vertically 90 degrees so that it lines up with the posts, making it easy to insert through the button holes. The bullet is then flipped back to the horizontal position, securing the cufflink in place.

Whale Back ClosureThis style of cufflink has a straight post with a flat “whale tail” attached at the end. The whale closure flips flat against the post to insert into the button holes. The tail then flips back horizontal securing the cufflink in place.

Fixed BackingThe fixed backing is an extension of the cufflink. This means that the cufflink post and backing are one solid piece and affixed to the back of the cufflink face. The backing does not move and depending on the shape of the backing (rounded or pointed) could be a little harder to insert. However, since there are no moving parts, this style is more resilient in the long run. Fixed backing cuff links can come in reversible varieties. Reversible cufflinks have a design on both sides which allows you to switch which side you want to feature.

Chain LinkThe chain link cufflink is the original cufflink design. In this design, the two sides of the cufflink are joined together with a chain link. Chain link cufflinks take more dexterity and agility to put on. The benefit of this design is that there something attractive to look at on both sides of the cuff. Also, the flexibility of the chain link allows for a looser cuff. Chain link cufflinks can also come in reversible varieties.

Ball ReturnBall return backings can come in chain link or fixed styles. The ball is a more attractive backing than the bullet or toggle closures.

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