Lets start off by explaining when I talk about “TIES” I am talking about Neck Ties and/or Bow Ties.

The Neck Tie:  while not as important as the shoe, it is one accessory that can make or break an outfit.  Whether it is a suit or sport jacket and slacks, choosing the wrong tie will kill a great look.

Type:  Neck Ties should be conservative (i.e. strips, art deco, or paisley), stay away from print ties and gimmick ties, you are an adult those are for kids.

The width: of the Neck Tie should be equal width of the label on your Jacket (Suit or Sport).  Two wide and you will look like a clown, too thin you look like a child.

Length:  When tied the length should come down to the belt (or where the belt would be if you are wearing braces).  If you go a little longer it can make you look thinner, shorter you will look heavier.

Knots: While there are many different types of knots, I will only discuss two knots:

  1. The Four in Hand (Must have a dimple when complete)
  2. Full Windsor (Should have a dimple when complete, but if you tie it good you can get away without the dimple)

How to tie the Neck Tie:

video to be added for both knots

Quality:  Never skimp on quality.  Prices on quality ties can vary:

  1. The Best Quality: $195 – $220 (Brands include Brioni & Hermes)
  2. High Quality: $125 – $175 (Brands include Paul Stuart & Brooks Brothers)
  3. Good Quality: $75 – $125 (Brands include Paul Fredrick & Jos. A Banks)
  4. Poor Quality:   Under $75 – DON’T BOTHER
  5. Discount Stores – Price varies, places like “Off 5th Ave” “Nordstrom Rack” are great places to pick up the Best Quality Neck Ties at really discount prices

The Bow Tie:  I only have one rule for Bow Ties – THEY HAVE TO BE REAL NO CLIP ON’s GUYS!!  Bow ties are fun, get silly one serious ones it really doesn’t matter.  Most people say to me – “Dennis you can pull off a Bow Tie, but I can’t”  I say that is BS, everyone can pull them off.  Don’t be afraid just go for it.  You also don’t need to spend as much on a Bow Tie as a Neck tie.

How to Tie the Bow Tie:

video to be added for both knots





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